A Blockchain-Based Superweb of .gov Sites - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

For an average internet surfer, the world wide web is a seamless flow of websites and information. Look closer, and you see many different layers that work connected, yet independent. The most simple example is how you have traditional websites and the Tor-based onion sites. In near future we will see a premium web network come up. This will be based in the Blockchain network.

Not all websites will migrate to this or even need this. But, this will be the future that will drive real innovation in intellectual property rights. There will be a blockchain-based youtube alternative shortly. It will have stronger revenue sharing mechanism than right now. There will be blockchain-based social networking that will discourage the sharing of intellectual property freely.

But this is not where the real use of blockchain-based internet lies. I see a huge potential in the government website and web-based solutions. With more emphasis on citizen privacy and government transparency, the use case of Blockchain will keep on expanding.

The idea behind government networks, based on blockchain, is simple - give the power back to the citizen, and at the same time, give them responsibilities too. It is the latter part that will compound the problem of adoption. Giving responsibilities to citizen feels right, in a politically correct world, but it is nearly impossible at this time. Many sections of our society, in any random country you pick, are still not mature enough to handle their data responsibly.

However, the first part, which is the right of the citizen over their data, can be achieved relatively easily. Imagine one single database populating both the MIS and the website. Imagine a personalized website of the government, telling you exactly what you need to know. The income tax website of your country, when opened with your authentication, will tell you all your actionable items. You can change and update any information, and that gets updated in real-time.

I foresee a great blockchain-based web that will the new .gov domain. The day is just around the corner.

A Blockchain-Based Superweb of .gov Sites - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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