About OiX Industry Trust

What is Industry Trust?

Industrial Products from around the world are available for consumers today, regardless of its physical presence in the country of purchase. Imagine buying raw material in Ghana from a warehouse in Germany in 1980s. It would have taken 3 middlemen, 2 months, and a stack of correspondence to get it. Now, you can do that with a B2B commerce website in no time.
However, the myriad options and easy accessibility are also accompanied by increasing uncertainty in the supply chain. With no reliable intermediaries, the importance of trust weighs heavier than ever before. From the supplier, shipper, retailer, to the end consumer, OiX Industry Trust uses distributed ledger technology to build transparency. The blockchain solution creates a firm record of each step, making the transaction tamper-proof and ensures transparency in the supply chain.
The solution provides platform users with immediate access to practical and usable supply chain data - right from the national accreditation (licenses, certificates) to current supply capacity. The complete history, including date of manufacturing and current location, can be readily available in seconds.
OiX Industry Trust provides the manufacturing industry with a platform to address the increased complexity in the supply chain and build trust in the industry.

Supply Chain Efficiencies

Our Platform simplifies the supply chain by reducing overheads, efficient staffing and productive work hours, and generating essential data to be accessed, analyzed, and actioned.

Brand Building

The best method for building a brand is to gain trust if your customers. This is what our platform promotes. Every on-time delivery, every good batch of supplies get marked in your profile. The process is automatic after the closure of the invoice. The only way for this not to happen is if your customer actively reports on your services/products.

Social Compliance

The companies participating in the platform have to give an undertaking that no child labor is being used in their facilities and should a buyer need more information on the practices of the supplier they can always ask for it.

About OiX Industry Trust
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