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Blockchain in Charity and Benefits - Santos Sinha, Founder oix.global

Hurricane Dorian has touched land and touched many lives in its path. This is a disaster at a scale that needs the society to come together and do something concrete to help those who have been affected.

I was discussing the ways that unaffected citizen could lend a helping hand, and I found a very genuine concern raised. A friend of mine said that if we take away the management cost of the charity being sent, we will be able to service a lot many more people than we do currently.

I am a technologist, and my first instinct is always to look at technology for an answer. Blockchain, in my view, can create a solution that will eliminate any middlemen and ensure that every penny goes to the intended. What it will need is a backup from one of the larger organization with ready infrastructure - Amazon Web Service, Azure, or any such service can do.

Scandals have mired the charity sector. However, blockchain, even with fiat currency in play, will vastly increase accountability and transparency. Unlike conventional charities, where the end recipient is hidden from the view, blockchain makes it possible to check the whole chain of events with confidence.

Funds are released directly to the end recipient and it is acknowledged on the blockchain. I would like to see such an initiative being taken by the various government welfare department. You will be able to find more information about our soution for welfare and benefits on our website www.oix.global very soon.

Meanwhile I will request you to go ahead and donate to the relief funds for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Blockchain in Charity and Benefits - Santos Sinha, Founder oix.global
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