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Blockchain in Government - an Insight by Sinha Santos, Founder Oix.Global

I spoke on the topic "Blockchain in Government" a few months back in Mumbai. I specifically chose the subject as it is a hot topic of discussion. My interaction at various levels of governments in the few months preceding had given me a unique perspective.

I frequently start the process by asking a few simple questions. These questions are the qualifiers to ascertain if Blockchain can be of any assistance. The first couple of questions are about the use and the source of the data - if multiple parties share the data and if multiple parties updated the data. A data that does not call in two or more parties does not need its irrefutability prepped up. That leads me to the next question - Does the data needs verification? Once we have these questions answered in the affirmative, we ask the last question - How does it improve the process? What values does it add?

If you ask me the areas where all the three get checked - Voting, Licensing and ID, Title Management, and more come to mind. There are applications already developed waiting to be deployed, some of them are by us.

Now, I address the million-dollar question - Why aren't more Governments using Blockchain? First, blockchain was not developed with governments in mind. Simply speaking, and I have said this before too, Blockchain encourages decentralization and governments are all about centralization. There are more reasons I talked about in the address and you can find it here.

I believe that OiX Public Sector solutions will be good for taking things forward. Solutions that address issues like Identity, personal Records, Financial Services, and Benefits and Entitlements.

Please go ahead, read what I spoke about and ask me questions and I will get back to you.

Blockchain in Government - an Insight by Sinha Santos, Founder Oix.Global
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