The Future of Government formation - Blockchain Voting - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

As the elections in India come to a close I am looking at news telecasts and wondering if there is ever going to be a perfect election. I was traveling across the US for another venture of mine in 2016 when the Republican candidate Donald trump handed a surprise defeat to Democratic candidate and favorite Hillary Clinton.
Back then, and right now, the questions on the voting methodology keep flying. I have to admit that there is a deja vu feeling here in the Indian elections. the answer is simple yet complex - DLT, Distributed Ledger technology.
Of course, with India being much more advanced than the US in terms of the election process, the challenge is relatively less here. The political climate here too is not as bad as in the US. Here in India, a voter Identity Card is required for voting. This is something that can never be implemented in the US because there is no consensus on clean elections in the two parties. But surely, DLT has the potential for making the election procedure more transparent and irrefutable. Questions like - Has the right person voted?, Has the vote been cast as per their wishes?, How has each demographic has voted? can be answered without breaking a sweat.
One of the major issues that we have faced is that every solution put forward stressed too much on the decentralized nature of DLT. The proposal generally started with the elimination of the central body conducting the elections. This is one of the reasons that no one has taken the ideas seriously. The Election Commission or the central election body will have to remain and drive the blockchain initiative. With blockchain, votes could be verified instantly, right after the voting is finished. This will ensure that the officials can be certain that the votes are counted correctly. As such, any vote that is counted has to be completely verified, fully ensuring that there are no security breaches at risk.
During a time - even in the most advanced democracies — when voting security and transparency is called out in response to allegations of fraud and corruption, it is quite imperative that society uses technology to ensure full validity in the system.

The Future of Government formation - Blockchain Voting - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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