IoT Application in Agriculture - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

Many of the merging economies are agrarian and in need of technology influx in agriculture. One of the emerging technology that can revolutionize agriculture is IoT.
In order to understand the application of IoT in agriculture, we can look at some of the use cases of IoT.

Quite a few IoT sensors have been developed for agriculture and they have formed the base of many IoT applications for agriculture:

Monitoring of climate conditions

Weather stations, combining various smart farming sensors, are the most popular of all agricultural applications. They are located across the field and collect different datasets from the environment. Over a period of time, the datasets can be used to map the climate conditions. This can help in the selection of appropriate crops. This can usher in a new era of precision farming.

Greenhouse automation

If there is a greenhouse to be set, there will be greater ease in management with a slightly modified weather station. This weather station, in addition to gathering the data, would also control various parameters of the greenhouse like temperature and humidity. This will be of great use not just in terrestrial farming but also for future farming in space.

Crop management

Another kind of IoT product that can assist in precision farming are crop management devices. Quite like weather stations, they are located in the field to collect data specific to crop farming. They are capable of monitoring overall crop health.

IoT can efficiently prevent any diseases or infestations that can harm the crop.

Cattle monitoring and management

Maintaining the health of cattle is important for a farmer. There are devices that cattle can wear so that their health records can be maintained in greater detail and a flag can be raised if anything goes wrong. You can collect temperature, health, activity, and nutrition insights on each individual animal.
Apart from these, vehicle tracking, storage management, logistics, and many such applications are also either available or being explored for agricultural application.

IoT Application in Agriculture - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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