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No Smart City without a Smart Contract - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

All hail Malta! We all know that Malta is the hotbed for blockchain activity and the government there is leading the way. Now, they have declared that they are about to take the registry of companies on blockchain. This will go a long way in proving the irrefutability of Blockchain data is indeed a boon for business and law alike.

The Prime Minister of Malta has steadfastly stated that Distributed Ledger Technology will be instrumental in transforming the fields of political, civic, and corporate information systems. He has said that DLT has the potential to solve the malady of rot that has infested the functioning of governments and civic bodies across the world.

Starting at a smaller level, a civic body can bring all data within its jurisdiction onto the blockchain platform. This could mean the voter roster, the benefits list, the companies being registered, birth and death registry, marriage registration and more. This, in turn, will bring to fore a more responsible citizen. Citizens will get empowered to participate in various government processes. This is just the citizen-centric governance that can usher in Government 2.0.

If the medical establishments within the jurisdiction can be brought under the blockchain system, it will usher in a new era of health services. A blockchain-powered network can help develop a distributed system for electronic health records. Those health records can be analyzed by making them "headerless" or non-person-specific to ensure that health situation within that jurisdiction is constantly monitored.

Can there really be a "Smart City" without a "Smart Contract" backing it?

No Smart City without a Smart Contract - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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