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OiX Smart City and all about Data Privacy - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

Smart cities can be considered a complex, layered application of technology the like of which has never been seen before. It is as complex as a human neuron system. Smart City, however, has never been defined completely. What is a smart city? What exactly does it mean in terms of shift of the functioning?
One basic feature that a 'Smart City' includes is "Information and Communication Technology" (ICT). The idea behind a smart city is to enhance the quality and performance of urban services. It optimizes energy, transportation, and utilities with the aim to reduce resource consumption, wastage and overall costs. It is an effort to use technology to enhance the quality of living for its citizens through smart technology. All this needs a robust data collection and analyzation system.


Allow me to digress a little here. I just read about the initiative that has been launched by Barcelona and Amsterdam - DECODE (DEcentralised Citizens Owned Data Ecosystem), a project designed, in the words of Barcelona CTO Bria, “to develop practical tools to protect people’s data and digital sovereignty.”
Yes, this is an important aspect of a Smart City - abundance of personal data. The City would know where you are and where you have been. They would know your shopping habits, they would know your data consumption, they would know every aspect of your life and that is scary.


This is where Blockchain comes into play. Any individual would know which part of their personal data has been accessed, by whom and for what reason. I will be coming up with a detailed vision satetement on Smart City Shortly. meanwhile, let us keep talking about how technology can power citizen services in the future.

OiX Smart City and all about Data Privacy - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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