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Smart Cities Need Bolder Governments - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global

The way we live our lives has changed a lot over the last few decades. Had you told my father in 1960s, when he was a teenager, that he would be able to watch movies on demand, he would have laughed at you. Now, if you were to tell me 30 years ago when I was a teenager that my house will be controlled by voice and respond to my commands, I would have laughed at you. The same way that a teenager today will laugh at us if we told them that in future there will be no offices, just work desks that you could randomly sit at in an arena.

Although there is much talk about Blockchain and thanks to Bitcoin millionaires, ordinary people are interested in it, IoT is the real magic happening around us. IoT has the potential to change the way we are living right now, and it can do it as quickly as next month or next year, provided proper support from governments and technology companies.

The biggest application, if you ask me, is in smart cities. If you ask me to further expound on the matter, I will respond - waste control.

With the resources becoming scarce as they are, the need for their smart utilization will be in focus, and Smart Cities will have to lead the way. IoT, if implemented in the right manner, can reduce the waste in transport, electricity, water, fuel, and assist air quality management.

Cars fitted with smart sensors can help regulate traffic, smart electrical appliances can shut themselves off when not in use, and many such automated applications can save resources.

Is it going to happen overnight? No. Will it happen without a facilitator? No. Who will be a facilitator? Undoubtedly the government. Subsidies will be required, incentives will have to be placed and yes, even fines for non-compliance.

Nothing good has ever come out of comfortable decisions, we have to make uncomfortable decisions to push the agenda. We need to lobby and lobby hard.

Smart Cities Need Bolder Governments - Sinha Santos, Founder OiX.Global
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