The Expanding Footprint of Blockchain Economy

Although we are still a capitalist world, socialist ideologies are taking a foothold, and I think that is a positive development. I have been closely associated with many business bodies and committees, having lived in California for the last decade, which looked at the social impact of technologies.

Now that the hype around cryptocurrencies and ICOs have died down, we are witnessing the emergence of the real Blockchain economy. I am enthused by the variety of ideas that are taking shape in the current crop of applications being developed. At the same time, I am a little concerned about the reach of the applications being built.

I have always believed that Blockchain is complex technology, however complex technologies are needed to build the simplest of the solutions. I can see blockchain technology creating a solution, that can be used by someone who is nearly technology illiterate. This can bring about larger participation in the blockchain economy.

I am looking at solutions, not just from our stable, and I am quite impressed by the potential that a vision like Blockstack represents. Ethereum Blockchain Is Almost Full. In a few years, it will reach the scale where further scalability will be impossible. We need to get more people involved in this process, we need a more robust Blockchain economy. Right now, we are moving very fast to nowhere.

DApps and DWeb are the exciting prospects for the future and we at OiX take it very seriously. I have been teasing for quite some time about an exciting collaboration we are working on. I will let you in on one small secret about the project - it will give an opportunity to anyone with a mobile phone to participate in Blokchain economy and all they have to bring to the table is one set of knowledge that they have.

The Expanding Footprint of Blockchain Economy
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