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Why India needs to become the DLT Playground - Sinha Santos, Founder Oix.Global

Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man - three countries that were on the fringe of technology till a few years ago are at the center of the biggest technological revolution of the day - Blockchain.

I am back in Asia, and I reached Delhi despite the fog to meet some government officials to further the conversations that I have been having for the last year. On the sidelines, I met with a few technology leaders and picked their brains. The one thing we all were unanimous was the slow pace at which the government is moving towards technology adoption.

Do not get me wrong, there is a lot of action going on with regards to Digital India, however, the edge is missing. I studied almost 50 different initiatives and found, that while they were deployed, their utility is so low that there is hardly any adoption.

You need products that offer more than what the traditional process is offering for it to succeed. Believe me when I say that I am impressed with the talent and innovation that I have seen in the Indian market. It is a much different scenario than what I left over two decades ago. Back then, Indian talents were tools that created what others told them, India was good at execution but there was little to no original idea coming from them.

In order to harness this innovation and foster a new era in technology, it is desirable that the government takes some initiatives like those taken in Malta, Gibraltar and the Isle of Man or for that matter Indonesia where I see a major shift in the next few years. I want a huge incubator run by the Indian government that encourages technologies like Blockchain, IoT, AI, and nanotechnology.

I like governments to be responsible for their citizens and would not suggest any wild goose chase on public money. I would suggest healthcare to be the center of focus when it comes to the first wave of innovations. This is something India desperately needs and procrastinating on technology adoption is not helping things.

Why India needs to become the DLT Playground - Sinha Santos, Founder Oix.Global
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